Our Story and Our Team



In 2009 our sending church, Summit Church Estero, commissioned one of the Executive Staff Members, Pastor Nolen Rollins, to start another church in the Estero Community focused on a unique mission. That unique mission was birthed out of a vision from God months earlier to Pastor Rollins. In response to the question,

“What would a church look like if it were focused on helping Christians to discover their purposes here on earth and develop strategies for fulfilling those purposes,” 

God revealed to him the unique mission and vision of Legacy Church.

Legacy Church met the first two years on the property of Summit Church and then on Easter Sunday 2016 moved to the existing location off of Corkscrew Road within the heart of the Estero Community.





Chris Mueller

Chris Mueller

[Lead Pastor]


Chris was born in Florida, raised in a military family as a child, surrendered his life to Jesus in high school, worked in the Civil Engineering field for 20 years and then entered full time ministry in 2006. He graduated from Liberty University in 2010 with a degree in Religion.

Chris and his wife Pam have four children and five grandchildren. Chris’ greatest passion and desire is to love God, be discipled and make disciple-makers.

EMAIL: Mueller4Christ@Gmail.com


Brandon Catron

Brandon Catron

[Associate Pastor]

Brandon was born and raised in Bedford County, Virginia. He committed his life to Christ at the age of 14. Five years later he was a Camp Youth Counselor in Green Brier, West Virginia when he felt his calling to ministry. While attending Liberty University he served as a Bedford County Deputy Sheriff. In 2020 Brandon graduated LU Seminary with a Masters Degree in Religion.

Brandon and his wife Kenzy have a growing family of three children and have been serving at Legacy Church since 2018. Brandon’s greatest passion and desire is to make disciples who make disciple-makers.

EMAIL: Brandon@LegacyChurchEstero.com



Nolen Rollins

Nolen Rollins

[Pastor Emeritus]

Nolen has forty plus years of experience in pastoral ministry and world missions. He has previously served on the staff of churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Georgia, Arkansas, and Florida. He has also served as Executive Pastor of several large churches including First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA. and First Baptist Church, Naples, FL.

He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Tennessee Temple Theological Seminary and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Nolen is the Founder and President of GPS Life Journey (GPSlifejourney.com) and is a consultant for non-profit organizations around the world. He has authored the book, A GPS Life Journey, which has been translated into five languages and used in over 20 countries around the world.

Nolen and his wife Clarice have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

EMAIL: Nolen@KingMo.org