Local and Global Impact

Love INC – Beth Wyer and Cayla Schuetz

The church doorstep is a frequent destination for people in need, yet the complex issues of today – the homebound and the homeless, the single parent and the aging senior, the unemployed and the lost – require more resources and expertise than any one church can provide. The mission of Love INC is to mobilize the churches in Bonita Springs, Estero, North Naples and San Carlos Park to come alongside these neighbors. Through the pooling of resources and services, this network links church ministries to those seeking help. At the Love INC Call Center, trained church volunteers prayerfully screen and verify requests to determine that the needs are legitimate and manageable. The neighbor in need is then connected with the appropriate church ministry or community service organization with the goal of achieving life transformation as root issues are addressed and an action plan is put in place. Working cooperatively with churches, agencies, and governmental services, Love INC provides life-changing assistance while sharing God’s love with neighbors in need… you might even say we are the “first responders” of the body of Christ!

CRU Military David Eatman

In April 2018, we realized this burden to be from the Lord, as He called us to provide leadership and impact to the Southeastern US for Cru Military. In this role, we now are laboring to close the gaps that exist between basic training and first duty station for trainees from all branches, seeking not only to share the Gospel with them as they enter military service, but to continue discipling them until we can release them to a local church body at their first duty station. To do this effectively, we endeavor to lead our local leaders, empowering and equipping them to serve our Lord with excellence at the installations where He has opened doors across the Southeast. By His grace, we will not only serve these military communities well, but will expand into additional installations, particularly those who serve trainees. With this intentional strategy, we hope to close every gap between basic training and first duty station and see many more troops following Jesus well through their military careers and beyond.




The Romanian Pastor’s Project – Nelu and Claudiu

These two pastors are involved in a church in Santana, Romania. Pastor Claudiu serves at a camp in Sistarovatz, Romania where he leads a children’s summer camp. Pastor Nelu also teaches Bible in a local school.